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Natural elements like rain, wind and tree limbs can damage your roof. Failure of shingles and decking can result in rot that in turn can cause mold, algae or failure of structural components.

Often, homeowners don't know there are problems with their roof until they experience an actual leak into the house. And with so many seams in a roof, it's often difficult to determine the required repair. It's important to act quickly with the proper repairs to avoid having to install a new roof.

We'll also review your roof ventilation to make sure your roof has good airflow.

Our Roof Repair Services

DCC Builders will identify the extent of the damage and the repairs that need doing. This can include:

Shingle Repairs - Even the highest-rated shingles will eventually need to be replaced.

Roof Fixtures - Fixtures such as flashing, vents and chimneys are a common source of roof leaks.

Underlayment Repairs - If a leak goes unrepaired, eventually the underlayment will be damaged. Repairs to the underlayment can cost a lot more than the initial leak source. That's why regular roof inspections are so important.

Other Repairs - Skylights can trap water, metal parts can corrode, and sealant can deteriorate. When a leak persists over a longer period of time, water can reach the rafters and trusses which could cause a sagging roof; a serious roof problem.

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